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Miss Bliss
07 May 2005 @ 11:31 pm
Tell Me A Secret.
Post Anonymously.
Tell Me Something You Love About Me;
Or Something You Hate About Me;
Or Something That You Know Will Make Me Smile.

If you can get me upto fifty comments, I will strip naked and run across your lawn. But only if you give me fifty or upwards comments!

-Keren x
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Miss Bliss
23 April 2005 @ 09:07 pm
1. One secret.
2. One compliment.
3. One random thing.
4. One insider.
5. One thought you (secretly) have of me.
6. One thing you'd like to do to me.
7. A hint to who you are.

And do it anonomousyly.

=D x
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Miss Bliss
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Fill this form in, and I may consider adding you!

Please remember that I shall not add you if you abuse me or any of my other friends. If you wish for me to delete you off my friends, leave a comment asking me to do so, and I will. <3

Good day. At whichever time of the day you may be reading this, you will soon discover that time is irrelevant when handling a work such as this. In all of its simplicity, it endeavors to impart a matter that is, in fact, severely difficult for most to understand; hence, my purpose in trying to answer such rhetorical questions that many faint-hearted individuals would not even attempt to answer. We’ve established as much as the fact that I take upon a rather arrogant perception of the world and its people; to some, I am cynical, whilst to others I am simply a “doofus”. Self-degradation is not my specialty, and therefore I will have to concur with the people who have appropriately chosen to embrace me with the title ‘cynic’ and nothing further. I, for one, am convinced that many of you will place this piece of writing at your bedsidee table and will contemplate the possibility of reading it until its very end for more than an hour of your life, at which point you will realize that you spent this hour in utmost futility and will ascertain, that you should be more decisive or persevering. Whichever the case may be, I am entitled to my own ‘cynical’ opinion and shall henceforth continue writing this piece in such a way, that will reflect my own state of mind and (in all contradiction, as you are soon to discover) superiority above every reader. Only in this way can I convince you, the current reader, that what I am saying is not gibberish but rather succinct and precise information, in accordance with my own belief; i.e., I will extricate the most substantial part of what I believe is legitimate and innovative thought and convey it to you in such a way that you may understand it, or rather, that I believe you will understand it in. It is unreasonable for me to consider that you will inexorably comprehend my reasoning, but it is within your capacity of being human to reason any illogical thought into logical conception, whether by visual reconstruction or by psychological (to some, mental) deduction. Remember that I am merely trying to convince you; I am not trying to convert you to a new way of thought.

I despise it, additionally, when people dub my work and my disposition existential, simply because the title is not a job-tag and it is also not an accurate description of what supposed existentialists write about. The definition of ‘existentialism’ is also highly undernourished by speculation and therefore, it cannot ever be considered a concrete one until there is an active debate about its origin and current persistence. In part, I feel this is due to its inherent ambiguity as a subject matter in philosophy and its common confusion, amongst the general public, as being a milder form of, or being exactly as is, skepticism. Thus, when many of you will read this piece, you will dismiss it as radical existentialism or skepticism, in which case I would have no purpose in writing this text in the first place, since I would not be aware of your physical existence or would be, as the noun implies, skeptical of it. The fact of the matter is, the vanity of such people is of such a great degree, that they remain convinced even when a larger quantity of people contest resolutely about their opposing opinion and when the facts point in the opposite contention of their own will and decision. Hence, existentialism is not a branch of philosophy or its personal noun not a title appointed to philosopher advocating the belief described within its definition; clearly, the name or word existentialism should not be attributed to an individual, much the same way that a crown should not be given to someone who is not worthy of the accompanying position of royalty. Instead, the acquisition of such a title is, rightfully and truthfully (and it should remain as such), a simple misconception and thus, an impossibility. That is to say that existentialism is most definitely not a branch of but a different subject matter altogether, in relation to philosophy, and that giving someone the title would make this fact futile and useless. Without further ado, therefore, let me coincide with previous individuals of this subject matter, by saying that I am not an existentialist nor do I wish to be called one. I am merely a thinker who is placing his thought out into the world for interpretation, however inaccurate some may be.

I let people think what they want to think; I tell people things they want to hear. This will not be the case here. Many of the things that are about to be mentioned will defy convention and will remain unjustified in your own belief. That is, in your own belief. Keep in mind that I am conveying an idea; don’t be ignorant or foolish about my competency at being radical when it comes to such topics or subject matters. Most importantly of all do not remain naïve. Naivety is a pretext for an ignorant context, thus, like many of the world’s superficial beings, you, the current reader of this text, will fail to understand the importance of such questions that will be posed and replied to. As Nietzsche stated many decades ago, I try not to concern myself with things that don’t matter; in my opinion, that is a subjective concern and thus, I concern myself with issues that matter to myself and questions that will pertain to my substantiation of my own place in the universe and your own existence as a human being. It is important to understand that not all concepts of fate and destiny, as well as life and death, are solidly defined as they stand in modern dictionaries, or encyclopedias. Naivety will lead to such fallacious illusions and will prompt an ignorance that borders on the manipulative power of various institutions, which will remain unnamed for now and most likely, for the remainder of this writing
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